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Schools returning back in March 2021, Please find latest information letter and forms

Hope everyone is well and ready to get back to a bit of normality!


As we wait in anticipation of the new guidance to come out later this evening or tomorrow (23.02.2021), JETs are aiming to put plans in place ready for the forthcoming guidance from the Government and also following plans with the schools.


We have attached a booking form for you to complete, so JETs have an idea of who will require our services when the schools return.


The biggest task(s) is how we need to operate now and the potential size of groups allowed, hopefully we won’t have the same restrictions as we’re trying to operate with now and avoid the need to potentially minimise the groups of children.  Also, how flexible we can be with bookings.


Our plan is to open Breakfast Club, Afterschool Club, Monday through to Friday, and potentially our  Holiday Clubs, but this again come down to ratio/staffing/availability for parents who really need this.


Though it may be challenging for some, we will aim to try and accommodate the children the best way we can, though it cannot be guaranteed for some.


  • All parents/legal guardians will be required to commit to a set booking until the beginning of Easter Holidays.
  • All sessions booked will be charged for whether or not your child attends the club.
  • All bookings and cancellations must be made through the main office.
  • We may accept ad hoc bookings for children who don’t attend on a regular basis if space is available (fees must be paid up front).  We will also allow additional booking, if your child already attends and there is space available within the setting.
  • Parents and Legal guardians will be required to collect their children before closing time, to ensure all areas are cleaned with no children present.


All details above will be reviewed on a weekly basis, depending on the guidance and requirements stated.


We would like all parents/legal guardians to complete the attached booking form to confirm your child’s place in the club. (Though these days required may not be guaranteed)


Again, this is just a general feed for parents.  At the moment we have no guidance or information as of this afternoon (22-02-2021), but if your circumstances have unfortunately changed and you no longer require a place for your chid(ren), please could you let us know as soon as possible.


But if you require your child to have a place please could you complete the attached form as soon as possible. 


We are trying to plan for the families, JETs ratios, staffing and aiming to try to meet your needs of our service.


We do require all booking forms to be signed, once received we will advise you as soon as our guidance for Out of School Service becomes available.


Yours sincerely



Louise Willan                                                     Carolyn Clare-Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer                                    Senior Manager