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Progress Reports/Learning Journals


All Nursery children that attend J.E.Ts have their own learning journal which staff complete regularly to record your child’s milestones and achievements. Learning Journals can be viewed on Tapestry Software online using your individual password and PIN. Parents will be able to view photographs of their child at play, which gives parents a better understanding of what their child participates in, and the experiences they enjoy at the nursery.


You will receive two progress reports per year detailing your child’s progress and development and you are welcome to view your child’s portfolio at any time.


Activity Planning


The nursery staff plan activities to meet the children’s individual learning and then link it to the Early Years Foundation Stage (please see document below for ages and stages of development). These plans are flexible and respond to your child’s individual interests, needs and developmental stage. There will be a broad, balanced range of activities implemented on a daily basis.




Early Years Foundation Stage Frameowrk