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Welcome to J.E.Ts Nursery!


Thank you for showing an interest in our Nursery. Our aim is to provide a quality service both to you and your child.


About us


JETs Nursery opened in 2011 and is a small setting which provides a nurturing, family like atmosphere for all children. We provide childcare for children from 2 years until school start, we are open 7.30-6, Monday to Friday 50 weeks of the year. With our large, spacious rooms we take up to only 16 children a day in our 2year old room and up to 24 children in our Pre-School room. This means that all children get the time and opportunities from our practitioners to thrive and learn at their own individual pace. 


We understand that each child will develop at their own pace and we celebrate individuality and individual milestones. Each child will have a key carer who will encourage them to develop to their full potential by planning activities for them around their interests and stage of development.


SEN(Special Educational Needs)


We strongly believe that early intervention can help shape childrens future so our dedicated SENCO (Special educational needs co-ordinator) works closely with families and staff to put specific plans in place and make referrals to the relevant people to help childrens learning and development if they need any additional support.


Parent Partnership


Parents know their children best and we value your opinion. We pride ourselves on working closely with families to ensure the best for your child. When your child is settling, we have an "All About Me" form which allows you to share your childs likes/dislikes and other information to help us help your child enjoy their time in JETs. 


We use the online platform 'Tapestry' for your childs learning journal and their Key Carer will update this regularly with what they are learning and enjoying in nursery. Once your child is settled with us we will give families sign in details to enable parents to log in and see their childs journal. Families can also add their own observations sharing family life and home experiences. This allows us to discuss home life with the children, encouraging conversation and follow on childrens interests from home to nursery. You will receive termly 'Spotlight' reports which their Key Carer will fill in about your childs development with an opportunity to share your thoughts. We also hold 2 parents evenings a year where you are invited in to meet with your childs Key Carer and to discuss your childs development.


Our sessions


JETs Nursery offers a range of different sessions throughout the day so that we can cater to your childcare needs. We offer full days, school hours, various half days, term time only and all year round (Excluding Christmas). We offer the funded childcare places, part funded and also paid places.


A £25.00 deposit is required upon registration to secure your place within the Nursery, this will be refunded after your child has started and attended regular sessions for at least 4 weeks .  



Settling in


Before your child starts at JETs Nursery they will be invited in for some settling in sessions, These are free of charge. Every child is different and we are flexible on how these sessions work depending on your childs individual needs. We recommend at least a short visit with Parents/Carers; then a second visit leaving the child for an hour, then if needed a third visit leaving your child for 2-3 hrs. If more settling in is needed we will make arrangements for this.


Children learn very quickly that nursery is a fun, friendly place to be therefore the settling-in period is rarely as difficult as you might imagine.