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Good Afternoon


It is with sadness and regret that i wish to inform you that Jets October holiday club will not be going ahead.

We unfortunately have not had enough interest to enable us to sustainably run the bubbles and staff.

Our sincere apologies that this may leave some of you in a position with no childcare at such short notice and unfortunately the 

only thing we can suggest is to contact to discover any local childminders.


We would greatly appreciate it if you could acknowledge receipt of this email so we can be sure you have received it. Any payments that have been made will be refunded asap.


With Kind regards




Summer Holiday Club -2020


Co-Vid 19


We are opening for Holiday Club, from W/C  Monday 24th July to W/E Friday 28th August 2020.


Due to restrictions and guidelines from the government, we have revised how the Holiday Club can be operated. 


Our opening days are 

Monday to Thursday 

Our times of opening our 

9.00 am till 4.00 pm

Our price is £24.00 per day


These are Full Days only,  no Midday or Half days will be available. 

Due to the children being in groups/ratios.


Thank you 






Holiday Club


During the school holidays, we open daily from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.


The holiday club is based at J.E.Ts Centre, Oxford Road, with access to the school grounds and is open for children aged between 4 (attending Reception) and 11 years of age.


There will be a range of planned activities each day with regular trips to the local beach, parks or pre-booked trips (previous trips have included the Cinema, Apple Jacks Farm, Ice Cream Factory, Farmer Teds and many more) arranged during the holidays.


Children can come for full day, mid days or half days and are required to bring a packed lunch. ( Please be aware that we do have children who have Nut Allergies and we request that children's lunches do not  contain items with Nuts,this includes most Chocolate Spreads)


The booking form for our October Half Term Holiday Club is available below to download. Please complete and return either by email or by printing and handing into the J.E.Ts Centre office. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE J.E.Ts NURSERY BOOKING FORM. FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT OUR NURSERY HOLIDAY CLUB PLEASE CONTACT ASHLEY OR LAURA AT THE JETS OFFICE.


Please ensure that all forms are returned to us with payments.


Please Note:

We do not take bookings over the phone.

Bookings will only be accepted and guaranteed when we have received the booking form with payments.

We do accept cheque/cash, debit card and electronic payments.

Once payments are received your places and days will be confirmed.

This is then final, due to Managers accessing Ratios.

Payment is non-refundable.


Registration form