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Tax Credits and Childcare Costs 

If you work, and you are responsible for a child or children and pay for childcare you may be able to get extra help with the costs through the childcare element of Working Tax Credit. You can get help with up to 80% of your childcare costs. (This will not affect your Personal Tax Information). 

Tax Free Childcare – Government offers up to 80% and will pay up to £2000.00 per year for children aged 11 years and under.  

This is inclusive of self-employed workers, each earning at least National Minimum wage for 16 hours a week on average, and less than £100k 

Parents can use the Tax free Childcare to pay for Nursery, Out of School Club, Holiday Playschemes. 

It takes 20 minutes to apply You will need National Insurance Number to be applied with the application form. 

If you wish to check your childcare options, go to 

Example 1. 

Linda and Gary have a joint income of £120,000 a year. Their annual childcare bill for 3 children is £21,000.00. 

They can claim £350 a month through Tax Free Childcare which is a saving of £4,200 per year

Example 2. 

Beth and Robert are self-employed and make a joint profit of £64,000 a year. They have 2 children and annual childcare costs of £18,000

They can claim £300 per month through Tax-free Childcare, which is a saving of £3,600 a year. 

Example 3. 

Bernie is a single parent earning £25,000 a year. He has £10,000 in savings, His childcare costs are £4,800 a year.

He can claim £80 a month through Tax-Free Childcare, which is a saving of £960 per year. 


To help families  

Employers for childcare, they can advise parents on the help available with childcare costs  

Contact 0200 028 3008 or email 


For more information or to request a claim pack please phone the helpline on the Tax Credit Helpline on 0345 300 3900, any HM Revenue and Customs Enquiry Centre or