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J.E.Ts Centre Staff

Come and meet the staff at the J.E.Ts Centre.


Louise - Chief Executive Officer- DDSG*

Contact to discuss the development of JETs, and any Safeguarding concerns


Carolyn - Senior Manager - DSG*

Contact to discuss  Any general inquiry's, Out of School Provisions and Holiday Clubs, and any Safeguarding concerns. - Reference for Carolyn


Ashley - Nursey Manager - 3rd in Charge DSG*- Language Champion

Contact to discuss the Nursery Provision - reference Nursery


Laura- Deputy Nursery Manager

Contact to discuss the Nursery Provision - reference Nursery


Colin Creed - Finance Officer

Contact to discuss - Fee Payments and Finance Issues 


Rachel P - Senior Senco


JETs Centre- Breakfast, Afterschool & Holiday Club

Natalee - Out of School Co-ordinator / Afterschool Senco

Diane -  Play Practitioner 

Jenny -Play Practitioner

Aimee -Play Practitioner

Lauren - Play Practitioner

Sarah - Play Practitioner

Millie- Play Practitoner

Marisete - Play practitioner


JETs at St Nicholas- Breakfast, Afterschool Club

Kathryn  - Team leader  

Kirsty - Play Practitioner- Senco

Gill  - Play Practitioner

Jan- Play Practitioner

Georgia - Play Practitioner


JETs Nursery

Dee - Room Leader - 3-4-year-old room

Kathy - Early Years Practitioner 

Dee - Early Years Practitioner

Charlotte - Early Years Practitioner

Annemarie- Early Years Practitioner

Leanne -Early Years Practitioner


Paula - Room Leader - 2-year-old room

Emily- Early Years Practitioner

Daniela- Early Years Practitioner

Rachel P - Early Years Practitioner -Senior Senco-Language Champion

Jodie - 1:1 support 


 *Designated Safeguarding Officers