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Co-Vid 19- Update No 1

Please find attached Questionnaire on our Newsletters Page


Dear Parents/Carers, 


I recently wrote to you regarding your support on our services that we offer in JETs, and other childcare provisions within Sefton.

By contacting your local MPs,. The response has been been amazing.


And i would like to say thank you. 


Following on from this letter, and liaising with Sefton School Readiness Team.


We have devised a questionnaire to find if any of our parents/carers who 


would need or able to use our service a.s.a.p,  and if you meet the criteria that is in the attached letter. 


If you are able to use our services please could you return your form back to us before 13th May 2020.


Your Sincerely



JETS Centre